• Frozen Wastelands of...

    Frozen Wastelands of Nowhere “Please remember to keep warm when planning on this mat” 

    To the West lies the Gardbuk Shrine. A common place for bloodshed in honorus battle. One of the only neutral places that no one dares to claim...bad omens and disapiriances soon follows for any settlers that tryies to dominate this unholy place. 

  • Desert of Mon'theran

    Desert of Mon'theran “You will beg for water, or sell it to your enemy if needed” 

    Only sand and dust...or is it so? In the middle of a wast desert rumours of a shrine can be heard. The only problem is that no one has returned from the venture to discover them and tell the tale. The other disturbing thing is that if there are no survivors of the travel from where come all this information?  

  • Lava Pits of Sheol

    Lava Pits of Sheol “Molten scenery that will burn through your table” 

    Home to the Thunderfire Lord and lonely King of a devastated plain. Once a proud kingdom of prosperity and welfare. Now only ashes and lava remained...and a Shrine. A lonely structure of potent power. Could it be what caused the doom? Only the lonely King knows...  

  • Forest of Felicia

     Forest of Felicia “The only scenery that you will need to water” 

    A labyrinth of fauna that is as poisonous as a Sharian Viper. Everything wants to kill you because it wants to taste your flesh. Only in the ruins to the South, no living thing lives. They just disappear and once per the full moon cycle, the people return to feed the dead. Sacrifices were always present in Felicia but they are getting more and more...

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