Terms & Conditions. Rulebook You must read once before game.

The STUDIOLEVEL SHOP’s T&Cs describe the rules for placing orders as well as selling through the online STUDIOLEVEL SHOP.

1. The owner of the online STUDIOLEVEL SHOP is STUDIOLEVEL Sp. z o.o. , ul. Stanisława Moniuszki 4/103, 43-400 Cieszyn, Poland. Registered Company No. 5482702759  (NIP).

2. The realization of orders at the STUDIOLEVEL SHOP will be processed according to the rules below. Submitting an order means acceptance of the order by the client and consent to following the Terms & Conditions.

3. All of the models offered by the STUDIOLEVEL SHOP are always 100% handmade and hand-painted if this is the client’s wish. They will be delivered within the time agreed on individual basis and after the payment has been processed.

4. Prices of the products in the online STUDIOLEVEL SHOP are in US Dollars (USD) and the tax is included. They do not include shipping costs and their estimated amounts are presented in the RULES - Shipping Section. 

5. Orders are accepted via:

The shop’s website:


6. The necessary condition for an order to be processed is thoroughly completed form on the online STUDIOLOEVEL SHOP’s system. Providing an email address is necessary for the order’s submission and processing. Orders that cannot be confirmed within 7 working days will not be processed. Each order that has been accepted to be processed will be confirmed via email to establish the details of the realization, the time and delivery costs.

7. The order that has been confirmed to be processed cannot be canceled.

8. Orders that are in any way doubtful will be verified by the shop’s staff. Such an order can be canceled by the shop. The client will be informed in such circumstances.

9. All Pre-Orders are proceeded depending by the order time and there is no exception to that.

10. Pre-Orders delivery time can be estimated, just CONTACT US

11. The products ordered will be sent through Poczta Polska (Polish Mail Service) or a private couriers company (within 5 days after the project is completed and the whole amount agreed paid)

12. The shipping cost is estimated individually before or after the purchase. It will depend on the size, weight and destination address. Placing the order means that the shipping cost is acceptable. The shipment payment will be paid after the order is processed.

13. The proof of purchase is attached to every package.

14. PayPal is only currently available paying method.

15. The shop reserves the right to change the product prices without the need to inform potential clients. Of course, the orders accepted for realization are never subject to price changes.

16. Submitting an order in the online STUDIOLEVEL SHOP is a legally binding agreement of purchase.

17. The STUDIOLEVEL SHOP allows for the possibility of the products being out of stock, of which fact the client would be informed.

18. The client has the right to cancel the purchase agreement (return the product) without giving reason by giving a written notice within 14 days after the product has been delivered.

19. In case of return of the product, the client is obliged to send it back in the original packaging, cover the shipment expenses and attach his statement with the original proof of purchase. The product that is returned cannot be used or damaged.

20. The reimbursement for the product returned will be paid back via the Paypal system to an email address given in the statement within 21 working days from the moment we receive the product back. The shipping cost will not be reimbursed.

21. Any disagreement occurring during the purchase and the order processing between the shop and the client will be dealt with via negotiations first, with the intention of an amicable settlement. In case this was not possible or not satisfying for either side, every disagreement with be dealt with by the court of law appropriate for the seller’s residence.

22. In case of any problems, doubts or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Via email:

23. The shop can freely modify these Terms and Conditions. The valid T&Cs will be available on the shop’s website: REGULATION