PETROLYARD – the continuation of the Bantam Alley series. It's an epic post-apocalyptic tabletop set of resin buildings (gas station, warehouse, garage and office), barricades and scatter terrains which together form a Petrolyard complex for a 28–32 mm miniature scale.

The magnetizable system with detachable roofs and openable doors lets you play even more original and gripping scenarios inside and outside the Petrolyard buildings and other models.

The complex gives plenty of room to move barricades and scatter terrain around the fully playable interior of the buildings and on the area outside between them. All terrain elements can be easily placed inside the larger structures as well as on the roofs to provide new and exciting layouts.

Each Petrolyard and other Bantam buildings in this project, as well as those planned in the future, will have alternative parts and improvements to allow customization every time they are used in a game. Additionally, unique and epic details will make you love and spend more time with your friends with your favorite skirmish, wargame or RPG universe. 

The Petrolyard project was also popular with gamers and became a commercial success because of its playability, the growing numbers of players of skirmish games and popularity of the zombie theme.