This is a revolutionary solution for everyone who values mobility in their wargaming hobby. You can be on the move with your gaming battlefield surface and city terrain. Go where you please, store it where you want, carry it on your back, take it in your car, public transport, to your friends or a tournament and PLAY WELL ANYWHERE.

The complete portable battlefield for your wargames. Fully modular, mousepad game mat with a resin, polyurethane modular terrain system (unpainted or fully painted) and game essential accessories.  Everything is a handmade design with 3D details and compatible with 28-32 mm games scale models. The whole set can be packed into a designer waterproof backpack with laser-cut details for quick, easy, and safe transport of your new setup.

We believe that our common hobby – miniature wargaming – is a great way of spending free time, developing strategic thinking, and, most importantly, making new friends. Let’s remember, though, that apart from beautifully painted minis, models, and whole armies, the models of terrains and battlefields are equally important. They make your wargaming experience richer, more immersive, and exciting. Also, terrain models add greater strategic depth to your scenarios and esthetic value. The last two are often overlooked in our hobby!

Up till now, moving tabletop terrain around to the place where we want to play has been problematic, to say the least, if we don’t have a game store or a gaming club in our city. Also, because of the global pandemic, we can’t even go to our favorite stores, clubs, or hobby rooms. If you don’t have an estate car, visiting a friend for a gaming night or a trip to a tournament can become an arduous process. Another thing is that often we don’t have enough room to store our terrains at home. We know that not everyone can have a dedicated space for wargaming let alone a whole room. We bet you dream of one – we also do!