Death City
Long did we search for ideal terrain that represented our idea of a gaming table. Then we found Studiolevel and our search came to an end. Custome terrain + the gameboard itself for nearly any idea.
Super fast turnaround and astonishing quality. The magnetization they use for their buildings is just genious. Every building was wrapped individualy and now harm came to them while shipping. If you are looking for quality terrain and high end craftsmanship, look no further because you just found it.
Sebastian knows his craft, the attention to detail is amazing, his terrain just brings the game to life, he is a very good painter and I haven't been disapointed with any of my orders, he charges fair prices for his hard work.

All the best

Since allmost two years i order gameboard's from Seb.
and they have still this high quality! And i'm impatient for the next versions and ideas from him.

Go on Seb!
amazing terrain
Couldn't be more pleased with the terrain. With all the pieces being magnetized I was playing on it in minutes and it looks spectacular. My table looks so much better than before - its like playing a different game.
Awsome scenery and gameboards
Have bougth many times from from and I have been really happy with all the very cool scenery. The workmanship is really superb.
Thanks for your hard work Sebastian :)

Best regards
War gaming
it's all about the presentation. After receiving the artwork from Sebastian I have had to retire other pieces. They just don't compare! Love the workmanship and realistic detail. He is the real deal!
Happy Gaming,

David Williams
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Sebastian exceeded my expectations with the quality of his wargames scenery. Magnetised connection points to allow flat pack and lightweight materials used. Very realistic and well made board too. Best of all, nice guy and quick to reply to emails and queries. :-)

Best of the Best!
To every wargamer out there who is intersted in a good quality and great finish gaming board do not search anymore these are the guys you want to talk to!
The quality and starndard of finish on these boards are second to none, this combined with very good prices is just awesome, I especially advise you go for a ruined building tables these are great as the buildings itself come magnartised and are great to store away.
There is so much to choose from but dont worry as there customer care and service is second to none and im sure they will help you pick the best table and terrain you are after.

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Great terrains :) we use them for a long, long time and never found better :)